While viewing the northern lights can be a real treat and a surprise, the reality is that we do have some idea when they are coming. While not an exact science of watching the Aurora, there is a forecast that can be fairly accurate. Of course, the stars must still align for great aurora viewing. No cloud cover and a new moon or no moon are almost a requirement to get a phenomenal aurora viewing. We had that perfect night with a new moon and a high aurora forecast when I got the call to go mushing in the winter of 2023. The aurora was starting to pop off in the Northern sky as we began to harness the dog team that would pull us through the frozen swamps and forest of Northern Minnesota. The primary goal was clear between the two of us. Have fun, run some dogs, and admire the incredible sights of the dancing sky. That night was the most intense of any aurora I’ve ever witnessed. Not only were they dancing in the distance, but they were strobing and making noise, which is a strong Aruroa, especially for Northern Minnesota
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